Florida liscense for Mobile - Posted by Mark K

Posted by Greg Meade on September 30, 2003 at 13:20:10:

go back to sfh and condos…hehe!

Florida liscense for Mobile - Posted by Mark K

Posted by Mark K on September 30, 2003 at 11:10:50:

Everyone, Hi my name is Mark and I am in Tampa. Yes we need a liscense in florida. No it is not a worlds most horrible thing. Here is my suggestion also being new to mobile home investing (Until now it has been sfh and condos). I will do 2 deals one under my name and one under my spouse. After 2 deals if it works out you should have the cash to pay for the liscense and get insurance. And I can decide if this is for me. By then I should start to have made contacts that will put on to more mobiles

Also, I suggest to think outside the box I have a great idea to get around this without ever getting a liscense. What do you think it could be?. It took me 3 min to figure it out. Please put up your posting fellow floridians and lets work together. Friends in investing will be a good thing to have. I will send my idea to whoever posts an idea to their private email. Remember this is my idea only.

I look forward to everyone responses.