Florida REI (Ocwen Federal Bank REO's) - Posted by Derek (NC)

Posted by Sandy FL on March 11, 1999 at 08:47:08:

Actually it was Steve Cooke who posted here about it, I
think. I did bring up Owcen on another site.

I have never bought a house from Ocwen, but I still
think $5K earnest money “required” is a load of Bull.
Post it again under an attention getting headline and
you will get all kinds of REO feedback.
(you have a lot of posting competition right now, LOL)


Florida REI (Ocwen Federal Bank REO’s) - Posted by Derek (NC)

Posted by Derek (NC) on March 07, 1999 at 22:01:47:

I believe Sandy Fl, was the one who first brought the REO properties from Ocwen up…Sandy or anyone else who knows about the Ocwen process please respond…

I just have a quick question about REO properties, once your bid has been accepted are you able to make the contract to purchase “Subject To”? Also, I wanna tie this property up with a closing date approximately 45 to 60 days away, giving me the opportunity to assign it to one of my investors. Is Ocwen open to this or will I have to close on the property myself?

Thanks everyone,