Followup to YIPPEE, I'm going to Dallas - Posted by Jim IL.

Posted by Jim IL. on January 16, 1999 at 01:54:51:

To all on CRE,
I have read and received many responses here, as well as e-mail. Thank you all for the encouragement, and for sharing in our joy.
I will write and send in a “Success Story” very soon.
Just a couple of words here, for now though.
Keep at it, I only have a couple of deals, and of course, will be seeking more. The good news is that I have proved to myself that, I CAN DO IT! That should make the rest seem easy comparatively (sp?).
As far as education, who is to say what is enough?
I personally LOVE to learn, and will always pursue it with a vengence.
I spent some money on courses, books, and this computer to do online research. At first I was discouraged, but now I know that my deals have covered all expenses at least 10 times (including the computer system).
Was it worth it?
Would I do it again?
Watch me! I’m going to! Starting RIGHT NOW!
The only problem for me WAS procrastination. I waited too long to jump in and start. The lack of motivation and fear of the unknown “almost” kept me from doing anything.
Then I found this web site, and met others with the same desire to do this business.
Now, I know I’m on my way, and I have the support of my entire family (they were all skeptical initially), the WONDERFUL people here, and a few REI’s in my own area.
And of course, ME!
Will I be “rich” one day from this?
As far as I’m concerned, I am already wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I have finally learned who I am inside, and see that I CAN accomplish what I set out to do. That is almost all the “richness” I need.
And of course, the added benefit of being able to do this business with my wife, in tandem.
That is a dream come true! She is GREAT, and if nothing else, I at least have a beautiful woman to look at while I work.
MAN life is good!
So, I’m now off to find the next deal!
My goal is to do 3 more (minimum) before the Convention!
I’ll keep you posted,

I heard a poem a few weeks back about “stepping into the darkness of the unknown”. I don’t recall it verbatim, but it reminded me of my original fears for getting into REI.
So, here is the jist of it,

You will either be standing on solid ground when you "Step off into the darkness of the unknown,
You’ll learn to fly!

Guess what folks? The view from up here is great! I can’t wait to learn to get more altitude.

With this website and people lighting the way, how can anyone be afraid of that darkness any longer?