For Beginners ONLY - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on January 23, 2002 at 20:40:42:

Hi Wil,

Most likely, no. We do one convention a year. That’s plenty for us.

For Beginners ONLY - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on January 22, 2002 at 18:12:17:

Okay, this is a “pitch” for our Convention…

Are you a newbie?

This letter is for beginning investors (also know as
"newbies") only. If you’re not a newbie, please just
toss this letter. But if you are a beginner, read on…

Picture this:

You’re finally face-to-face with a super-motivated seller.
You know there’s gotta be a deal there somewhere, but
you’re stuck. What do you do? How do you put the deal

You think for a minute or two and–PRESTO–several creative
problem-solving ideas you just learned at the CRE Online
Convention pop into your head. You sign a profitable deal
on the spot.

A dream? Absolutely not.

Now that you know how to turn obstacles into opportunities
and problems into profits, it’s easy.

The whole KEY to making money in real estate is the ability
to solve problems. But to solve problems, you need knowledge.
And since problems come in a wide variety of shapes and
sizes, you need knowledge on a wide variety of real estate
topics and techniques.

If a seller is willing to walk away from $25,000 of equity
if you can give her $10,000 in cash, can you put this deal
together if the only thing you know is lease options?

I doubt it. I guess you’d just have to walk away from that
deal… and from that HUGE profit too.

In truth, there are a variety of ways to put this deal
together with NO CASH out of your own pocket. But if you
don’t know them, you can’t cash in on this deal, can you?

Successful real estate investors are successful because
they have a variety of tools to work with. They are always
flexible and ready to roll with the punches. They know how
to solve problems. They know that if they are face-to-face
with a motivated seller, they WILL come away with a deal.

This is all EXACTLY what our CRE Online Convention is all
about. Giving you the knowledge, education, tools and
techniques that can transform you from a “newbie” into a


With all those infomercials out there, it’s confusing for
beginners to understand what works and what doesn’t work,
which information is good and which is pie-in-the-sky
garbage. We’ve already sifted through all that and offer
you only the best.

Since 1995, CRE Online has been the #1 Real Estate Investing
site. Our reputation is at stake, and we’re not going to
risk it all for a “quick buck.”

We offer only the best material put together by real
investors who actually practice what they preach…
day in and day out.

And we are offering ELEVEN of them to you LIVE and in person
at our Convention.

You’ll learn about real estate, quick flips, lease options,
FSBOs, wholesaling, retailing, land contracts, "subject to,"
short sales, foreclosures and much, much more. We’ve covered
the spectrum.

You’ll get tons of information and many, many, many new
tools and techniques.


Here are a few real-life written comments from "beginners"
who have attended our Convention:

"WOW! This will go down as the turning point in my new
career as a real estate investor. This has been an
investment that will yield infinite returns. A life
changing event!
–Stephen Brodeur (Newbie)

“Very, very good…I know this convention is exactly what
I needed (a kick in the *ss) to get me going on something
I have been putting off way too long.”
–Robert Imberg

“Tremendous. I came hoping to get ideas on how to work in
my market and have received much, much more. I’m a true
’newbie’ who came with some knowledge and no real experience,
and I’ve learned not just new ideas, but entirely new
concepts, and an understanding that gives me the confidence
to put them to work.”
–Stu Estler

“Outstanding!! For a newbie, this convention provides an
enormous amount of information and a great environment for
–Theresa Clark Messer

“Great. Tons of information. As a novice investor, I felt
like a child in a candy store. Thanks.”
–Greg and Renea Karr

“AWESOME. Thank you from a newbie. Your convention has been
inspirational. Well worth the LOW COST. Looking forward to
next year.”
–Scott Cooper

“Unbelievably valuable! I’m a newbie - gave me focus, hope
and a template for success.”
–Bobbie Congress

“Outstanding! I’m new to this and the spectrum of speakers
and topics is what I needed. I’m ready to get rolling.”
–Scott A. Bell


If you want high-quality information you can use NOW in your
own local marketplace, you’ll find it at our convention.

The choice is yours.

Do you want to continue wishing and hoping while you watch
those infomercials night after night? Or are you ready to
TAKE ACTION and move toward realizing your dreams of
financial Independence and dignity?

The choice is yours.

I sincerely hope you will join us at our Fifth CRE Online

For complete details and to make reservations, go to:


With the pace of reservations so far, I can assure you
that this Convention will definitely SELL OUT EARLY.

We have only 600 seats. When they’re gone, they’re gone.
No exceptions.

So, please, don’t delay. If you’re serious about advancing
your financial future, make your reservation NOW.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta.
See you there!


JP Vaughan

P.S. If you have any doubts about what I’ve told you in this
letter, feel free to post a message on our News Group. Ask
attendees from last year for their honest opinions.

Re: For Beginners ONLY - Posted by wil

Posted by wil on January 23, 2002 at 12:44:03:


I am a newbie but the convention is too far for me. Will you have a convention or something similar here in Southern California, even in a small scale? Just want to know.