? for investors - Posted by mike

Posted by Matt_MPD on March 03, 2002 at 11:02:17:

I’m sure most investors will tell you something similar but the first deal is the hardest and takes the longest. My first came after about 4 months of searching and sweating my offers and finally bang, one of them was accepted and went through the closing. I was nervous for weeks, always second guessing myself and the decisions and a few months later there we were at the closing for selling to a new buyer. Everyone’s time frame is going to vary however so your own experience is the only one that will count. I understand your question and can appreciate your desire to measure your own situation by someone else’s history. We’ve all been there.

Worry less about how your situation is matching up against someone else’s as everyone’s market, experience, drive and knowledge are quite different. Your’s is the only experience that matters.

Get out there and make some offers, view more houses, talk to other investors in town and get their suggestions and, for lack of a better idea… just do it!

Matt Yohnk
MPD Investments Inc.

? for investors - Posted by mike

Posted by mike on March 03, 2002 at 02:42:18:

How long did It take for some of you guys to get your first deal? I am still reading everything here I can and am very close to going out and getting my first deal but I want to be sure I am ready!