Force Sale - Posted by DeeS.

Posted by Mike Sheffield on September 30, 2003 at 09:16:27:

I think that if you owned the home prior to you getting with the first guy that you own the home. You as the owner should be able to take his name off the title. My best advise is to go to a title company, someone that can be recommended by a friend or bank that is trustworthy. Tell them the situation, and they should be able to take him off the title. If you must, you may have to go to court, if he is what I think he is, he would probobly not even showup if he has any outstanding tickets or warrants,etc, and he shure would not have an attorney, in this case you get all you want, or the house. If he does show all you need is all your proof of payments, original purchase documents, all bills that you have paid, maintenance, etc.
You can also have him evicted unde some laws!
Are the utilities in your name? shut them off!
I would even go to the sherriff’s department and discuss the possibility of eviction.
Your EX boyfriend seems as if he is due the ownership and he just sounds like a deadbeat, squatter.
Good luck, Mike

Force Sale - Posted by DeeS.

Posted by DeeS. on September 27, 2003 at 19:16:34:

Hello, I have quite a delima and am quite scared.

About 8 years ago, My ex fiance’ and I were obviously going to get married. Live in the house I had owned for almost 5 years. I put his name on the house, and then he broke the engagement.He had agreed that he would make the payments on the house, once he moved in in exchange for me running his business from here. That never happened, he’s never made one payment.

He held the house over my head for years following and told me that he would take his name off if I gave him 3,000, tho he didn’t have a dime in it, not insurance, taxes, principal, interest, maintanence, nor did he help pay a 5000.00$ sewer lien, I’m still paying it.

2 years ago, I agreed to pay him what he asked as I was now remarried, and wanted to borrow equity in my home, or have the option to sale it if I wanted to. And put my new husbands name on it, for sake if I passed. He agreed, and at the last minute, as we were ready to sign the quit claim, he upped the anti. I refused to play his game.

Now he is gathering imformation, to force sale on my home, tho he still has no monetary investment in it and I have almost 60,000 in equity. Can he do this? I live in Greene county MO. I Have lived here a total of 12 years as owner.

Thank you in Advance, Dee