Foreclosure list - Posted by Terri

Posted by Bob in New Jersey on October 01, 2003 at 19:38:45:

Check out the many government websites such as HUD and VA. I would also recomend that visit William Bronchicks website He has a rather lengthy list of many websites that you will find helpful. You can also send out letters to the many banks in your area requesting a list of their REO’S. Be sure to address all inquiries to the attention of the “REO Dept”. Some banks will give you this list for free, but many do charge a small fee. There are many free sources available to find foreclosure listings. Some sources are better than others. Use your common sense to determine which lists are of value to you and which ones are not.
Good Luck
PS If you are new to the world of foreclosures and I believe that you are, then read a few of the many books on the subject matter before you venture into the world of real estate investing. Remember an educated investor is the best kind of investor.

Foreclosure list - Posted by Terri

Posted by Terri on September 29, 2003 at 24:39:29:

Have any of you used the site, RealtyTrac for lists of REOs?

Is there an actual free site to pull the lists from?