foreclosure - Posted by Elizabeth

Posted by John Merchant on March 23, 2006 at 20:28:08:

No. Just paying off the loan won’t change the title owners.

Only if there were a foreclosure sale with new deed to the new buyer, would there be a change in the title removing your Ex-H.

It might be possible for you & your present H to use a straw buyer (your lawyer’s an option here) and see if he could buy your Ex-H’s rights to the property cheap, THEN pay off the bank loan.

This way you’d remove him from the title.

Are you sure your Ex-H is still on the title?

Normally in any divorce final Judgment, the court will order the house to one party or the other, and it’s interesting if this wasn’t done in your case.
BUT, maybe it’s possible for your present H to do a “short-sale” purchase from the lender, paying less than the

foreclosure - Posted by Elizabeth

Posted by Elizabeth on March 23, 2006 at 15:50:58:

I have been divorced for 8 years. My ex husband and I bought a home together. It is about to be foreclosed on.
It is in both our names,if my current husband pays it off
can the ex be taken off the deed?