Forex trading VS Real Estate/forclosures - Posted by Craig

Posted by Craig on January 22, 2008 at 19:10:41:

Stealing advertising? I thought this was a cashflow site where members can converse with other members regarding opportunities to make money. I have my own Mom refinancing her house so that she can invest. Yes I make a referral fee, but would you rather have the chance to see the opportunity or not? I am always lookng for new ways to create cashflow, particularly ones that offer residual income and financialy bennifit all involved. How can you get mad at that? Dont go through me, but go through somenone to learn more about forex. Then request a track record for the past year. These managed account are popping up all over and is the new Real estate trend. The best thing about this program is liquidity and good returns and I dont want to take that away from anyone.
I dont think of it as Free advertising I see it as helping other as well as myslelf and at the end of the day that feels really good. God Bless.


Forex trading VS Real Estate/forclosures - Posted by Craig

Posted by Craig on January 21, 2008 at 14:23:04:

many investors stick to real estate because they do not know about Forex trading. Keep funds in your own account and have a money manager trade on those funds. Complete security and disclosure. Money manager has been averaging 30% per month and has a track record to prove it. Regular account are 50k min entry but you may set up a trial account for 5k. We assist you in opening your own account with Deutsche Bank. Funds stay 100% liquid with no early withdrawl penalties. If interested please contact me at

Another Non-ad disguised as an ad? - Posted by Sammy McSpammy

Posted by Sammy McSpammy on January 21, 2008 at 14:53:02:

Hmmm… making all that money, but stealing advertising? Sheesh?!:frowning:

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