Found an REO in my neighborhood


Found a 2 story home in my neighborhood. In a Cul de sac, Very rough appearance outside, likely needs new siding, a LOT of landscaping, starting with ridding the property of the overwhelming amount of trees. I found a few pics online but not much. The interior is very small, but I foresee tearing out a wall or two on the first floor to open up the floorplan a little.

The bank wants 93k for it. It is assessed at 137200. There is a house under contract on the same block, so I know I should be finding the sale price and looking at comps in the area based on the square footage.

IF the comps supported $138k or so, would you offer the bank anything over $80k? I’m betting on about $20-25k in rehab budget, including laminate floors downstairs, demo of walls, maybe replacing some carpet upstairs, siding repair and paint, landscaping (I’ll cut the trees down then have the stumps ground, I will also till and sod or seed, tear off the roof that was added to the back deck, tear off the plywood that covers the base of the deck, add new stairs to the deck, etc).

This all assumes that I could find a hard money investor, considering I have nowhere NEAR $100k to invest. Does anyone think an investor would put up $100k for a $35 or so profit to split with a beginner?