fraud - Posted by dee

Posted by Bill H on June 15, 2006 at 10:16:24:

You and your son should consult with an attorney and all aspects of the situation investigaged…matters like these can be very messy and complicated.

Good Luck,
Bill H

fraud - Posted by dee

Posted by dee on June 14, 2006 at 18:29:05:

Hi, 2003 my son’s fiancee agreed to a bankruptcy court ordered agreement with her mortgage co. in which she defaulted on twice.on the second default a forclosure date was set and she sold the house to my son (her fiancee) at which time the deed was placed soley in his name. afterwards they lived in the house until she became deliquent in paying her share of the mortgage payments.placing the house in 4 months of son refied his mortgage(2004)where she countinued to be deliquent with her portion of the mortgage payments. she has since been evicted(2005),and at present she has filed a lawsuit of fraud, claiming that she only sold the house because of a promise to be married to my son, and that my son refied the house and used the proceeds for his own personal use, she now wants the deed to be null and void and transffered back to her. she is not on the mortgage or deed.

does she have much of a suit and what legal recoursedoes my son have to secure his intrest in this house and possibly counter sue for her non payment of the mortgage>

please help