Fred and Lonnie.... - Posted by Darren (Alaska)

Posted by Darren (Alaska) on November 14, 2000 at 24:39:08:

Thanks for your response,

I can’t believe that the Author of a book that I just bought
responded to my post from last night, I have bought a lot of investment books but never had the author personally give me advice. I know already that this is my new career.

I woke up today really excited about the info on this site,
I took a day off of work and drove to a couple of parks in my area. I talked to a couple of owners who were selling thier homes, the third person I talked with is closing on a home and needs to sell his M.H. within a month, he was asking for 12k (it’s a little beat up but not a dump. I talked to him for a little while and before I left I had him down to 7k.

I called a couple of ads in the paper and found that most of the ads are placed by dealers or private resellers, so I guess the paper is not the place to look.

Anyways, I got a big boost just talking to people and finding out that there are homes and motivated sellers out there for me to find. Other than letting people know that I buy and sell M.H.'s I’m not going any further until I read Lonnie’s books.

Thanks for the response and I will let you know when I have my first deal.