Free Advertising...? - Posted by Derekb-PA

Posted by Steve W (WA) on June 20, 2002 at 14:08:51:

Bob Meister says on his tapes (ABCs of Subject To) that these expenses are “bit players” when compared to the massive return.

spend $20! If it makes a hundredfold, you’ll never miss it!

I’m a cheapskate, but i’m trying to change!

Free Advertising…? - Posted by Derekb-PA

Posted by Derekb-PA on June 20, 2002 at 07:04:21:

I was just thinking about making flyers and putting them up…Then I thought about a job I had before at a newspaper company, and all those inserts I had to put in…GRRRRR!! Anyways, depending on where u live (big city or small town) I thought why not go to a few of the local stores when they 1st open up in the morning and ask if you could insert some of your flyers in their papers…free advertising, right?? Of course it doesn’t hurt to actually be familiar with some of the clerks in those stores either…I think I’m gonna try this with a few stores I frequent after I make up some flyers…What’s the worst they could say…NO?

Quick Ma, call the police. - Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler CA on June 20, 2002 at 16:05:20:

Hey, Derek, congratulations on a fine idea. You are very creative and your thinking process is functioning just fine. Only there might be a slight problem. I think that papers at the store may be there on consisgnment and therefor they might still be the property of their publishers. To insert your ads without their permission might be considered in the same category as ‘thept of services’ or maybe some other bad stuff. Even if you put your ads in givaway papers, they still usually charge for their advertizments, so possibly the same result.

If that isn’t enough, consider how expensive advertizing is and how costly it would be to send your ads out to a non-specific market as you are considering. Could be a waste of your time as well as your money. On stuff like that you may only get 1 call per thousand ads. How many calls would you need to generate a deal?

I’ve had a lot of experience with advertizing of this nature (millions and millions of ads) and I suspect that this just wouldn’t be helpful (as Jacque would say).

Regards, doc

Re: Free Advertising…? - Posted by bradley

Posted by bradley on June 20, 2002 at 09:23:59:

you are already paying for the flyers so why not invest 50 more cents and open a few machines and just put in your insert. no store to ask and no one to tell you no…

Re: Quick Ma, call the police. - Posted by Derekb-PA

Posted by Derekb-PA on June 20, 2002 at 18:24:57:

Well, it was just a thought…I was thinking along the lines of not spending any money on the flyers to begin with…except to print up the 1st one on my computer…I then have access to a fast, quality, commercial xerox machine which I wouldn’t have to pay a dime for, thanks to my JOB! Good point about the legal issues, didn’t really think about that…Just thought the store had paid for the papers…I was also thinking along the lines of word-of-mouth…maybe someone who read the paper knows someone interested, etc…Oh well, just a thought…I guess being a newbie to investing, I didn’t really put a price on my time…sort of like when you sell a home “as is” and have the buyers fix it up for you…they’re only counting materials, not their labor…I gotta start thinking more like an investor…Time is money, right?

Re: Free Advertising…? - Posted by Jon

Posted by Jon on July 11, 2003 at 13:46:34:

When you said -pay fifty cents more and open a few machines, what kind of machine are you reffering to? Jon