Free ISP's - Posted by Rick Segers

Posted by Rob FL on April 21, 2000 at 10:05:46:

It is kind of like network marketing or multi-level marketing for computers. Your referrals are your “downline.” I am members of 6 different pay-to-surf companies. Hey, why not use them all. Look at my site and sign-up.

Also, many websites like AOL, LendingTree, and a zillion others allow you to be an affiliate member. If somebody clicks on your AOL banner or whatever, you get a small paycheck. Why do you think most websites have ads on them? The owner’s are getting paid as an affiliate member.

Oh well back to REI.

Free ISP’s - Posted by Rick Segers

Posted by Rick Segers on April 20, 2000 at 21:10:30:

While not directly about real estate, this falls in line with the voice mail question.
Anyone on here using one of the free isp’s (Bluelight, Alta Vista, Net Zero, etc) exclusively? I have one I use as a backup.
Also what about these pay to surf deals? Are they too intrusive?
This isn’t real estate but is money and computers and if I offend anyone, please accept my humble apology.

Re: On a similar note: - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on April 24, 2000 at 10:06:05:

I just ran across this, but you get payed to read e-mail from advertisers after signing up. They say you are free to delete any messages without reading. Looks worthwhile.


Juno - Posted by Ed Ortiz

Posted by Ed Ortiz on April 23, 2000 at 23:34:34: It’s free!!!

NetZero here! (nt) - Posted by Rick

Posted by Rick on April 21, 2000 at 21:29:15:


Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by Tony(OH)

Posted by Tony(OH) on April 21, 2000 at 02:19:38:

By all means, Use if possible! Advantage: No banners, and a decent isp connection (I get 49300!) Check out Freewwweb (www,freewwweb,com),and others at
I think I have about 6 free isp’s now, just for backup!

Hope this helps,
Tony Cunningham

Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on April 20, 2000 at 22:11:19:

Not offended at all.
I use NetZero as my main ISP, I also have about three backup FREE ISP’s.
why not use free?
They work well, the speed is there, and I like to have a FREE service.
Now some will say that they prefer to not look at banner ads while surfing.
my response is this;
When your on AOL or many other services, you get bombarded with E-mail and other advertising all day long.
And you PAY them to see this stuff!
I think FREE is GOOD!

Besides, I hear that some people do not have to look at the banner ads, and have actually figured out how to turn them off.
Not that I am one of those, that would be unethical. Õ¿Õ

Happy surfing,
Jim IL (@netzero)

Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by Doug Pretorius

Posted by Doug Pretorius on April 20, 2000 at 22:09:09:

I don’t use any of the free ISPs. But I do make about $30/month from AllAdvantage, I find it not too much of a bother, and it pays for my cable access so I won’t complain :slight_smile:

Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on April 21, 2000 at 10:18:51:


I’m behind the times-my only ISP is Mindspring and I pay them;-[ A free ISP sounds pretty good, but I’m curious about the need to have three or six or however many ISPs. Is it to set up webpages because you are only allowed so much space at each ISP or what is the need for all of these extra ISPs?

-Just curious,Chris

Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by Vic

Posted by Vic on April 21, 2000 at 02:58:15:

Can you explain what alladvantage is & how you make $30.

Re: Free ISP’s - Posted by Doug Pretorius

Posted by Doug Pretorius on April 21, 2000 at 08:39:16:

Sure. AllAdvantage ( was one of if not the first working pay-to-surf viewbars. It runs whenever your actively surfing. They pay $0.50/hour for your time and I think it’s $0.10/hour for your referrals, and $0.05/hour for extended referrals to many levels (not sure how many.)

They pay you for up to 25 hours a month. So I make $12.50 a month, but I have 28 people under me, so that’s where I get the rest. Last month the check was $48 something, this month it should be about $40 (the people under me don’t always spend as much time online as they should! grrr! :))

Anyway, I find that it works the best out of the viewbars I’ve tried.