From Southern California - Posted by Sharon Lynch

Posted by Sharon Lynch on April 09, 1999 at 15:31:10:

Again, perhaps this is purely a regional phenomenon. The large amount of white collar employment here makes this a particularly computer savvy population. They are simply accustomed to using the Internet for work, the pursuit of information, and recreation. (One can hardly find a business here that does NOT have a website.) Our office works in concert with offices in other large cities. We find that local businesses are most eager to have their information posted on the sites as well. This gives prospective buyers a chance to get a “community feel.”

From Southern California - Posted by Sharon Lynch

Posted by Sharon Lynch on April 09, 1999 at 14:36:43:

Perhaps this is merely a regional deviation, since the society here is by and large a transient body, but we have long been looking into the benefits of using the Internet as a viable marketing tool. I would, quite frankly, be interested in hearing innovative strategies from other sources. I feel we are more than able to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

As a Webmaster… - Posted by Mark R in KCMO

Posted by Mark R in KCMO on April 09, 1999 at 17:15:13:


I am a webmaster and host several sites (including some of my own).

There is a different mindset for people on the net, and I find that is a good target for many offers.

Many will look on the net FIRST before looking else where. This is when they are in thier research stage before choosing to buy a product or service.

Web sites, E-Zines, Newsletters are NOT a replacement for any other marketing option. Net marketing is another option that should be considered along with other options.

Net Marketing is not required to be sucessful.

Effective Marketing IS required.

The thoughts about should someone market on the net or not boils down to answering a few questions about what your purpose is for you net marketing.

I making these answers broader than just Real Estate, so it might help more people through the clutter of ideas.

Are you doing lead generation or wanting to close sales?

The Net is effective in pre-screening and generating leads.

If it can’t be bought online it shouldn’t be sold online.

If you don’t have methods to quickly follow-up on leads generated through e-mail and posted form, then those options should NOT be included on your page.

There is nothing more deal killing than getting a reply to a 3 week old e-mail.

There are several major Players in the real estate game that have a significant focus on the net. Take a brief search on one of the major or minor search engines and you will see who the players in your market place are going to be.

Here is a major point that many of the internet savy people miss. The most effective promotion for web sites is offline promotion.

I know that it sound crazy, but here is one reason why.

Many people who have access to the internet and “surf” on a regular basis use only 1 or 2 search engines to locate websites.

If the FIRST place they read, hear, learn about your site if from some other media, you become their PRIMARY source for information.

When someone sees your URL on your signs, in newpaper ads, or articles, on the radio or TV, business cards or flyers, you have just increased the effect of your other advertising, promotions.

To me THAT is the key to why business’ should consider having a web presence.

Hope this Helps

Mark R in KCMO

Advertising on the web for RE? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on April 09, 1999 at 15:22:26:

Well, I honestly do not see “yet” how advertising my LOCAL REI biz can be done effectively online. May be someday, but not yet.
I do have a website, but only because it is free.
I simply post the URL on stationary and letterhead. I print, “see us on the web: and my address”. This works as re-enforcement of info and a place that people can refer to IF the lose the letter or post card we sent them. (since many people either bookmark or use a search engine to locate things)

We did join some ad campaigns that were free in our area, that list “banner ads” and links to our website. The local Better Business Bureau also allows FREE lsitings for business websites, but does not get much trafiic.
Also, some local online classified ads that are advertised on the Public access television stations.
We also pumped our site into “search engines” and used meta tags to attempt to increase traffic.
To date, the website has only brought “tire kickers” and people wishing to relocate to our area, and very few of those.
The most effective advertising still seems to be offline local, such as newspaper ads, flyers, post cards, and business cards scattered about the local bulletin boards in stores.

Will the Web ever offer a more local approach that generates positive advertising to bring in business?
I don’t know, but for now it just isn’t worth my time to keep it up.
I do occasionally update my website, but only when I have NOTHING else to do. And our website is VERY basic, one page for info and “where” and “how” to reach us offline.
We ofer a “tease” on our programs, but readers must call to find out the facts.

So, if someone has a valid way to utilize the web to generate moe business from my LOCAL company, then I’m all ears. But, I just don’t see it.
Jim IL

If you want phone calls, advertise your phone number - Posted by Tyler

Posted by Tyler on April 10, 1999 at 13:09:19:

Hey, Jim.

You mentioned that your site was very basic, with only one page of where and how to reach you offline. To me, this neglects the purpose of a website. The people who will visit you online, will mostly be internet junkies, or at least those who are familiar with the internet, and what it has to offer. These people are used to photos and info, and they want it NOW. I think a one pager with a phone number, would bore me, too. I want to click on something!! LOL

I’m in the process of creating mine, but I will be doing something much more comprehensive. I will have photos of all properties for sale, and explainations of the benefits of my L/O program. I will also have a section for my flip properties, so that my investors can always log on, and see what I have…without ever having to leave the house.

Also will have a section for people to e-mail me a description of what they have to sell, in response to a “I buy houses” kind of ad. This allows me to pre-screen lots of sellers,saving phone time for the real deals.

This is just a few tid-bits, but you get the idea. To me, the purpose of a website is to SELL my business, while I’m out doing deals. If I just want phone calls, what’s the point of advertising a website that basically tells them to call me for more info? Why not just advertise my phone number in the first place?

The website will save me lots of time. And in this business…time is money.