Frustrated!!!!!!!!!! - Posted by eddie

Posted by eddie on April 22, 1999 at 17:32:34:

Hi Everybody whats up?.Listen I need some cheering up to do.I bought already my first home no money down (2.5 yrs ago),but then I have gotton really lazy.Im trying to get a flip deal going, but I let fear take over and whamo nothing accomplished.I think because of the real risk that there is when flipping a house.You know Its not easy first you have to find the right deal,then arrange financing,then find good people to fix up go for permits,sell it on your own or get a agent,then on top off all that you want to find a qaulified buyer,then if your lucky u sell within 6 mths.There must be a better way,if s then please respond to this post.It would help me and Im sure alot of other people on this site.

Thanks, Eddie