Garnishment. Yea or Nay? - Posted by Glynn-VA

Posted by Finley-AR on June 01, 2000 at 21:03:47:

In Arkansas, the procedure for securing garnishment is quite simple, as long as you know where the person works.

After you secure a judgment, the next step will be to file a garnishment order with your local court officials.

The order then goes to the employer who sends your payment each time the person is paid.

I manage a funeral home and regretfully I have had to garnish wages on ‘defaulted’ accounts (can’t reposses a casket).

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Garnishment. Yea or Nay? - Posted by Glynn-VA

Posted by Glynn-VA on June 01, 2000 at 14:21:31:

Just a quick question you may be able to help with.
In my area there is a very high population of military personnel. I have some idea on how to go about garnishment through the military pay system, since I am myself retired from the Navy. However, I am still trying to determine the procedures required to effect garnishment from civilian wages. Do you have any guidance or experience on garnishing to collect on leins/Judgements etc. Any response will be appreciated, especially if you are doing this in accordance with Virginia and/or Federal Statutes.