getting loans - Posted by jason

Posted by tom on October 21, 2003 at 06:13:31:

yes, good idea. i take it you are in a partnership now and that your partner is only providing money and no other experience or time. if this is not true than the followig will be off base.

with your track record i would go to a bank, perferably one you do business with now and local, and talk about getting a business line. this would only cost you prime + 2 or so. Ed has a program on how to do this.

lacking that, or if that is not possible, advertise in the business opp section of the paper for RE secured debt financing. also go to your local RE (apt) club. there will be people there that do hard money loans )check title companies & RE agents too). lacking that, there are several nationwide hard-money lenders, some on this site. these are listed in cheapest to more expensive.


getting loans - Posted by jason

Posted by jason on October 18, 2003 at 17:13:32:

I’ve been flipping houses for 18mos and have done 8 homes. We are making better then 30-70% on our money. So we have decided to start to offer people 15% on their money so we don’t have to give away any part of are deals. Is this a good idea and how do we go about it