Getting started - Posted by H Jason Dollar

Posted by Karl Grube on April 29, 1999 at 04:46:58:

95% of all lawyers do not practice or specialize in real estate law. That can be a big problem for you because all lawyers are licenced to practice real estate law and offer themselves to the public as knowledgeable about real estate and its legal requirements. I ONLY use lawyers who are engaged with real estate title companies. And/Or ask other local investors who does real estate legal work full time!
ONLY worry about things that have happened NOT things that might happen! … If the economy goes SOUTH, this is the greatest time to make money in real estate. Get yourself into the real estate option to purchase business and start selling your options for cash.

Getting started - Posted by H Jason Dollar

Posted by H Jason Dollar on April 28, 1999 at 04:43:45:

Hello all,
I am 27, and want to get into investing in real estate. I have gone over the Carlton Sheets course twice, but still don’t think I have an adequate grasp of the legal vulnerablitites involved. Is there a course that just covers that? What would you all suggest is first priority to do? The Carlton course suggests many things. Talk to title companies, work with realtors creatively, talk to investors, find a understanding real estate attorney, look through the classified… I want to use my time to the maximum, so any advice in this area would be appreciated.
I would also like to share a concern that keeps bothering me about real estate investing: what will happen if I get involved with 100% financing deals, and the economy goes south? Would it affect the prices of the houses in a negative way? If so, how much? Can the y2k thing that the news media is talking about affect real estate, or is it basically immune from that sort of thing?
Thank you in advance for your response.

H Jason Dollar