Ghost Mobile Home/Can't find Sireal #/No Title - Posted by Christy

Posted by Rod - MO on July 23, 2003 at 18:22:29:

The SN should be stamped on the from cross member on the left hand side, or close to there, on the frame.

The taxing authority should also be able to give you the SN they have on record. However, I would only use this to verify the stamped #, since there may be a discrepancy.


Ghost Mobile Home/Can’t find Sireal #/No Title - Posted by Christy

Posted by Christy on July 23, 2003 at 16:27:08:

I bought a 1984 mobile home through a bill of sale.The home is completly livable and ok cond. I can only trace it back to two previous owners who bought through bill of sale also. No one knows or has paper/wk as to the Manufacture,Model,or Sireal #. They say there is no title because over ten years ago there was a fire in the kitchen. The only ID on the mobile are the HUD lables which I’ve given to TDHCA & they can’t find anything either. The taxes are current on the mobile as to the address the mobile is at. City, County,and Apprasiel dist. all have Unknown title info on their records. If this is a Salvaged mobile because of fire, shouldn’t it belong to the Insurance co? How can I make new owners feel comfortable if we need to sell through a bill of sale?

Thank you, Christy