Go to the Convention! - Posted by Jackie in Dallas

Posted by Mike (KCMO) on January 18, 1999 at 17:20:47:

Last year I was worried about the very same thing. Fortunately, someone I knew locally talked me into going anyway. You can read my comments following last year’s convention by clicking on the banner. This is NOT something you can compare to a late-night television infomercial. I gained much more than it cost me to go, and am thrilled to be going again this year. If it’s a good deal to a cheapskate like me, what else can I say?

Hope to see you there!

Mike von David

Go to the Convention! - Posted by Jackie in Dallas

Posted by Jackie in Dallas on January 17, 1999 at 15:33:31:

What?s holding you back?

I?ve read lots of posts and I get lots of e-mail from folks saying they are anxious to get started in real estate investing but??

The reasons vary but it all boils down to the same thing usually ? FEAR!

Fear of failure.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of doing or saying or writing the wrong thing.
Fear of being ridiculed by family and friends.
Fear of not finding deals.
Fear that it will take up too much of their time.
Fear of ?the list goes on and on?

There?s only one way to conquer that fear ? and that?s to get a good understanding of what you are trying to do before you go out and do it. Sure you can study the courses and read all the posts on the newsgroup or visit the chat room night after night hoping for some kind of magic dust to be sprinkled all over you ? but how long will that take? I know some of you have been hanging around for more than a year and STILL haven?t done a deal yet.

There IS a solution!

The quickest and easiest way to get a REALLY good understanding of all the options available to you in real estate so you can make a decision about what you want to do and how you are going to do it is to go to the convention. It?s also the quickest way to CONQUER YOUR FEAR.

How long are you willing to wait to get started in real estate ? another year ? maybe two? Just think of all the money you are passing by! Do you realize that you are literally losing money every month that you are NOT involved in real estate investing? How many deals could you do a month if you just knew how? How much money would you make? Have you thought about it?

Maybe you?ve been involved in real estate for awhile and want to learn how to do some new things ? diversify you avenues of income. The convention is the place to acquire the knowledge you need to make a decision about what and how you can get involved in other aspects of investing. I was at last year?s convention and learned so many new things ? it has been tremendously helpful.

There?s no guarantee there will be a convention next year so? This year?s convention may be your only opportunity to hear so many expert speakers that can help you get going - help you learn how to make more money ? help you get control of your own destiny.

The speakers are only half the education you?ll get at the convention though. There will be many, many people there that are doing just the kind of deals you want to do ? whether it?s flips, lease options, mobile homes, rehabs, etc ? you?ll be able actually talk to these folks and find out what works for them? what doesn?t ? what suggestions they have. This is the kind of stuff you just don?t find in a book or course or seminar! It?s the real world - real answers and worth more than the cost of the convention.

I get a lot of request for my advice – the best advice I can give all of you is to find a way to go to the convention. You CAN make it happen (I know you can) ? and it WILL be worth it!

Re: Go to the Convention! - Posted by wtx

Posted by wtx on January 18, 1999 at 14:02:59:

Jackie, what is the difference between the upcomming convention and a two-day infomercial? I’ve been a commercial broker for many years but have never acted on this type of investing. I would like to attend with a friend but not if it would just be a place for guru’s to sell their stuff. I’m interested in comments and information that will pass a “smell test”. No gray areas, please. I’ve found that gray areas are where people try to rationalize that is ok to do the wrong thing (legal or moral) under certain circumstances.

Re: Go to the Convention! - Posted by Bill OK

Posted by Bill OK on January 17, 1999 at 16:30:20:

The convention last year was GREAT. This year it will be BETTER. Why? We know some that post to the board every day. Their info is TOPS. What do we expect fron this convention. New people will give us a better and larger group to post with. There experence and knowledge will add to ours. This is a building process. Then we have a new set of speakers that will give us additional info. This is the time to get info at a lower cost than out of a book. The time is NOW.

Re: Go to the Convention! - Posted by Jackie in Dallas

Posted by Jackie in Dallas on January 18, 1999 at 19:08:43:

I’m glad you asked. Now you’ve got me started so sit down and get comfortable for my response - it’s going to be long…

First I suggest you take a look at the post above titled Thank you Lonnie, Jackie and JPiper written David S… I think it will give you an idea about the power of the information that you will receive at the Creative Real Estate Convention.

Second let’s get it straight about the difference between a late night infomercial and the convention.

An informercial (as I’m sure you know) just teases you with vague ideas and lots of numbers about how much money you "could"make. There is absolutely NO meat - nothing you can take home and put to immediate use to make money. Am I right?

At the convention - each one of the speakers will go into great detail, often with real life examples of transactions, about what they do, how they do it, why they do it, what the alternatives are and what is the best way for you to get started doing the same thing.

You’ll learn some new techniques for squeezing money out of deals that most people would just walk away from.

Sure they will all have something to sell - but there will not be a sales pitch (it’s just not allowed) they’ll just tell you if you want more information I have some materials in the back.

The speakers aren’t going to tease you with vague information. They will give you enough details that if you have a half way good understanding of creative real estate you’ll be able to go home with just what they have taught you in the presentation and make more money. You don’t HAVE to buy anything.

It’s the information the speakers talk about that is NOT in their courses that you will find most valuable - you might call it insider secrets. The real powerful stuff!

How many times have you read a course and listened to all the tapes but STILL just don’t quite understand what to do - or how to do it. That’s the magic of the convention - the speakers understand the topic so well (because they do what they teach every day) that they will be able to help you achieve a crystal clear understanding. And if you still don’t get it - just raise your hand and ask - they will clarify the topic to make sure you understand.

Most seminars have a front man that is there just to sell stuff - chances are he hasn’t even done any of the deals he is talking about but he is darn good at selling courses - you just will NOT find that at the convention - these folks are the REAL THING!

And if that’s not enough - how about being able to sit down with the speakers at the roundtable and ask them as many questions as you want AND get answers - you just don’t get that on an infomercial nor at any seminars.

Do I need to go into the value of networking with all the other investors that will be there? People like David Segars (remember his post above) or Jim Piper – these are real investors out there doing the business day in and day out - I bet you’d like the opportunity to pick their brains - believe me they can teach us ALL a thing or two - AND the best part is they ARE willing to do it!

This is NOT an infomercial - nor is it your typical seminar/convention - REALLY! It’s time well spent as an investment in your future - an investment that can help you take your business to the next level. The question is … are you really ready for the challenge?