Going up ... or down? - Posted by Merle

Posted by MICHAEL on November 19, 2000 at 08:24:24:

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Going up … or down? - Posted by Merle

Posted by Merle on November 19, 2000 at 07:03:24:

Have you ever wondered if you were going up instead of down . . . or, perhaps wondering if you should go up instead of down . . . or, visa-versa?

Some years ago, we attended a convention at a large hotel in Washington DC. The convention meetings were held on the ballroom level, two floors below the lobby. Our room was on the fifteenth floor.

Taking the elevator down to the meeting rooms never seemed to be a problem, however, getting an elevator from the lobby to the 15th floor was often a time-consuming process.

There were so many people on the lower ballroom level wanting to go up, the elevators were full when they reached the lobby on the way up. The elevator stopped, but there were too many people already on them . . . so we would wait and wait.

Then someone commented that we were trying to go the wrong way. If we wanted to go down, there would be no waiting ? WHAT A FANTASTIC SOLUTION!!

When the ?down? elevator stopped on the lobby floor, Pat and I got on. We rode down to the ballroom level, remained on the elevator while those ?going up? passengers got on . . . THEN WE RODE UP WITH THEM!

Guess what the people in the lobby said when they saw us on the ?up? elevator when it stopped at the lobby level.

By the next day the ?down? elevators were becoming crowded. Others had begun to follow the lead . . . we had really found a better way.

Thinking about that experience prompts thoughts about many sales and business people I have met over the years. They attended a training class or read a book, listened to the trainer?s methods, but never learned any other ways to do their business.

They just continue waiting with the rest of the crowd for the ?up? elevator. Content to watch people go up while they stand around and wait for an empty elevator car.

Some even do a little complaining while they wait. Almost as if someone should get off the elevator and make room for them.

We found that by going ?down,? we actually went ?up? even faster. Life seems to work that way. Take time to read, study, and learn about your business. Look for new, better ways to do what you do.

Watch the crowd ? then look for different, more productive ways to give your customers what they want. Develop your own unique approach to your business.

You may have to re-program your ?elevator.? (This is not to be confused with the person whose elevator doesn?t go all the way to the top.)

Be the leader in your field. Just like the elevator experience ? do something different ? solve a problem ? and, others will soon be copying your actions.

Remember ? sometimes you have to go ?down? in order to go ?up? faster. Or, you could say that you have do things a little different from the crowd.

Daring to be different gave us the edge in our business years ago. Today, for the most part, we just sit on the elevator watching those who are waiting for that ride to the top.

Thanks for listening and remember to ?.

Enjoy this day ? TODAY!!