good deals are out there - Posted by terryr

Posted by terryr on February 22, 2002 at 23:59:28:

in one of the parks that we put homes we came upon a bankruptcy that included 9 homes - over a period of 5 months and NUMEROUS call to get the bank off their butts we
bought all 9 homes (really 8 because one had burned and the bank didn’t know it - we have the title though) - all are setup skirted and have central air - one has older tenant that has lived in it for 4 yrs - are you ready for the price- $1500 cash for ALL - all need some repair but a couple just need cleaning to be ready to sell - one we will have to junk out unless i could get an arsonist to burn it and then collect the insurance money-lol - the moral to the story is that we recognized this as a great opportunity and kept pursuing it - i finally turned this deal over to God and said if we got it we got it - took about 2 weeks after that with no more follow up - bank contacted us - if you see a good deal go after it - JUST DO IT!!!