Graybeard Mentors for Tenderfoot in Atlanta? - Posted by Mark

Posted by Monique on February 04, 2001 at 06:37:54:


The learning and networking opportunities with the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association are truly incredible. You’re fortunate, since GaREIA is the largest REIA in the nation – there are tons of great resources and high-caliber speakers available to members. The next general meeting is Monday, February 12. Call GaREIA headquarters at 770-451-8800 for more info. The geographic subgroups (e.g., Gwinnett investors, Dekalb investors) and the special interest subgroups (e.g., full timers, Lease/Option, Sec 8, pre-foreclosures) is where the real networking happens. With annual dues in the $125 range, it’s a steal to become a member.

And the CREonline Convention is more than worth it. There were several posts about 2 weeks ago from others who have attended, and their feedback. Do a search on “Convention” and then register and be there. It would be a CRIME for any serious investor who lives in Atlanta to miss it.


Graybeard Mentors for Tenderfoot in Atlanta? - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on February 03, 2001 at 21:58:28:

This is probably really redundant. I would like enter the arena but my head is spinning. Rehabs, Lease options, forclosures etc…

Is the convention worthwhile or do I pay $600 for the privlege of hearing pitches for courses to buy?

Same question for the investor clubs here locally.

Is there anyone here in Dixie that would point me in the right direction and keep me from wasting valuable $ while letting me benefit from their considerable experience?