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Posted by Jeanne on June 21, 2005 at 11:35:04:

We’ve put together a super update for you, including
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This issue’s feature articles include:

“The First Thing You Gotta Know: Property Values”

Attorney Bill Bronchick explains how to evaluate
properties and the three factors that determine
value in this “audio article.”

“How You Can Make Money in Any Market”

One simple principle separates the struggling
investor from the successful one: The Law of
Supply and Demand.

Find out how Jon Morrow has used that principle
to transform his real estate income overnight.

“I Get “Infinite Yields” Investing in Mobile Homes”

Short and sweet! Marty Woods has done over thirty
mobile home deals in less than two years. Hear
how he created cash and monthly income without
using ANY of his own money.

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