Great Site Update! - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by Evelyn (FL) on March 06, 2001 at 23:53:55:


Great Site Update! - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on March 06, 2001 at 18:50:15:

We’ve put together another great update for you.


We’ve just posted three new articles for you:

"How to Build Long-Term Security"
by Lonnie Scruggs

"The Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchange"
by Ray Alcorn

"Reduce Your Taxes: Contribute More than $2,000 to Your IRA"
by Richard Desich


We’re just put up four (4) GREAT new Success Stories:

“$26,000 Profit on a Really QUICK Flip”

“$20,000 Profit on a Major Fixer”

“$30,000 Cash Plus More in Equity in 3 Months”

“Net Worth Increased $600,000 in Two Years”

Our sincere thanks go to Wanda Hunt, Terry Campbell,
Terry Wygal and Mark Nyman for sharing their Success
Stories with us.

What goes around…comes around. I know a bunch of
our visitors are doing deals out there because I hear
about them in the Chat Room, on the News Group, and
by telephone. Please take a moment to share YOUR
Success Story with us. All you have to do is email it
to me at:

Enrich the lives of others and you will enrich yourself
many times over…


For complete details and to make reservations, go to:

For the last two years, we have SOLD OUT of hotel rooms for
the Convention. Right now, reservations are 50% higher than
last year. We will definitely run out of sleeping rooms again
this year. And, although we are able to get hotel rooms at the
hotel directly across the street, if the 50% increase holds,
the entire Convention will be SOLD OUT.

So, please, don’t delay. If you’re serious about advancing
your financial future, make your reservation NOW.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta.
See you there!

We hope you enjoy all the new things happening at CRE Online.


JP Vaughan

The new post are Great!!! - Posted by Scott Az

Posted by Scott Az on March 06, 2001 at 19:50:10:

These new post are great. They keep a newbie thinking and growing, thanks
Scott Az