Gurus - Posted by Steve

Posted by E.Eka on October 22, 2003 at 09:25:00:

I get your point but the most important thing that the gurus sell is confidence/strength. You’re right anyone who can read can get their information for free. Many people feel hopeless and don’t know where to look as a result they need the courage to perhaps jump into this business. Literally EVERYDAY on this board, a Newbie will say, “someone help, I want to get into real estate but I don’t know anything…blah blah” They soon end up getting free info. There are hundreds of people out there who don’t even know about this site…

I can’t remember where I was going with this.

But you guys/gals get my point.

Gurus - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on October 22, 2003 at 03:10:08:

I wanted to post an “ataboy” to this site for the participants and quality of information that we get here.
Got me to thinking “what about gurus” You know, the RE guys who sell everything from marketing programs, “systems”, bootcamps, etc. I have bought some of this material etc. I won’t mention any specific names so as not to start a war here. But basically I have always found something useful, original, profitable, or at least indirectly helpful to me in investing in real estate. And if anyone asks me specifically "After learning _________________ and applying it to this or that deal, do you think that the price of the ___________ was worth it?"
And I would say. YES it was. I used this technique here and that idea there and got lenders begging me here and (well you get the idea)
And I believe that overall in my experience the guys that sell this stuff really try to make it both beneficial and profitable to what we are doing. They are for the most part sincere, honest, and genuinely interested in their “students” succeeding.

But there is another side I want to throw out there.

If someone asked me if I could have picked up the same information by someone just telling me, or reading it on the internet, or having coffee and picking the brain of someone who knew, I would have to say YES also. I didn’t “have” to learn it from the course.
Everything I have learned from gurus(and its the simple things that are the most important) could have been learned easily and quickly without paying a fee, or traveling to a seminar or attending a boot camp.
Now I’m not saying (or even implying) that what these guys are doing is wrong or too expensive or anything like that. They’ve found a niche (selling what they know) and have learned to make money from it. And maybe they make more money selling their information than doing their real estate deals or they wouldn’t spend the time and effort on the other stuff. Also all of them that I know of has or is doing some RE deals anyway. They’ve just found another way to cash in.
I say great! Glad they’re there and I hope they continue to help the people that pay em.

After all isn’t that what college is? And a college education is much more expensive than anything I’ve ever seen or paid for.
It’s just that I hope, for the sake of those who come here broke, discouraged, and at the end of the line, (like a lot of us were!)we continue to help and share information that helps no matter what we might have paid for it or what an RE guru says its worth.

It’s been my experience that that kind of willingness on our part always ultimately has its reward. It may not be a net profit of X amount of dollars (after conference expenses of course-just kidding) but has just as much value, if not more! And I want to encourage us all to keep it up! If we make a mistake here in helping people and sharing information, lets make sure that we make the mistake of being to generous, and not the reverse.

Oh and by the way, if you will write me, you can sign up right now for my “Don’t ever get out of bed or turn off the TV and still get stinking rich buying real estate with no money, no credit, no phone, no shoes, no shirt, no indoor plumbing, and no will to live!” seminar Feb 29, 30, and 31st.
It’s only $3,343.52 cents and anyone who signs up before Nov 1 will get my bestselling book - “Domestic Pets and Lease Options - Do You Know the Difference?”

(and thanks for the site and the contributors!!!)

Re: Gurus - Posted by DaniB

Posted by DaniB on October 22, 2003 at 12:58:04:

I agree that this site has some excellent information. And I have taken away a lot great ideas as well as encouragement from the people on this site.

I believe there are gaps in my REI experiences which can be filled in with an education from some of the gurus who do have years of experience that I couldn’t possible garner in the short time I have been in this business.
It’s great to refer to information, for instance, “What did Bronchick say about this in such and such course?” Then I go back and find that I actually have an answer to a problem I’ve encountered and it’s right in my business library!
The danger is in becoming a seminar junkie who dreams the dreams , but who never does the work. Sooner or later you need to dig in and use what you’ve learned. Both from the gurus and this site.

By the way, will your book become available soon on Amazon?