Hardtime - Posted by Gary Lee Morgan

Posted by Jack on January 23, 2001 at 11:02:21:

Hello Gary,

Evidently your mind is in a box. Get out of the box. Forget brokers, bankers, etc. Look for MOTIVATED sellers. Those sellers that are refusing to lease option with you are NOT motivated. And listen closely, motivated sellers don’t grow on trees. You have to search for them. Rejection is just part of the creative financing business. Keep searching until you find one that will be receptive.

Here’s a tip Gary: You have to be a good salesman to put a deal across. By that I mean, understanding your methods, then being able to explain the benefits that will be derived by the seller. You are PRESENTING a WIN-WIN deal for both parties. So Gary, learn to overcome obstacles. Credit rating, income history, etc., is all a bunch of hubba hubba if you know your trade. YOU DON’T NEED IT TO BUY CREATIVELY. Again, look for MOTIVATED sellers. Also, sellers that will carry back 100% financing. Those sellers own the property, or else they do wraparound mortgages. So friend, get out there and give it another try, and another, and another.

Gary, when you make your first purchase, I’ll be looking for your post :slight_smile: —Jack

Hardtime - Posted by Gary Lee Morgan

Posted by Gary Lee Morgan on January 23, 2001 at 08:32:35:

Hello, I guess I just need to be encourage because I have literally been through the course at least 5 times and nothing seems to be working at all. I have visited with banks which have been turned down, visited with title company which was told I need credit, and most of all My credit is shot to hell. I do find this course a fine tool, but I am experienceing all denials from home owners, banks, and all lease options. What is the best place to really start when someone has really really bad credit because of lost of job. I tell myself everyday when I arise, this course can work and I can do it. I just need some advise from professionals of anyone in this situation and where to possibly start in this course.

Thank You,
Gary L. Morgan (Carlton Sheets Customer)