Has anyone done a note deal using J Stefanchik's? - Posted by Jim C.

Posted by randy on February 14, 2002 at 04:38:18:

i am not here to bad mouth anyone or their products, but i have considered his course materials as well once upon a time. i did some research on the internet and i have read many…many, many, many negative feedback about him, his materials, and his company. i have not owned, or bought any of his materials, but i did watch a tape of his called, “profits thru paper.” it was an alright video and stefanchick did come through as an honest guy. but after researching, i was convinced that i’d rather not buy into his products. please research on the internet under “stefanchick” or “john stefanchick” and i’m sure you will find some results. i used dogpile for my searches. there are great courses on creonline, i think it’s called “paper into gold.” and i have heard a lot of great feedback about another course called “the paper game” by john behle.

hope i helped.
randy =)

Has anyone done a note deal using J Stefanchik’s? - Posted by Jim C.

Posted by Jim C. on February 13, 2002 at 12:25:24:

Has anyone completed a note deal using John Stefanchik’s course? And if so, have you received the full rebate check offered when you purchase his course?