Hello from Dallas. - Posted by Jim IL


Posted by Laure on March 08, 1999 at 08:38:21:

yup. You missed some good stuff on the smoking deck! hehehe…

Actually, I have too much nervous energy and can’t sit still. Wanye just finally started joining me out there. LOL

Laure :slight_smile:


Hello from Dallas. - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on March 05, 1999 at 21:30:18:

To those who stayed BEHIND,
Just wanted to say hello from the convention, and let you people who did not attend know that this is GREAT!. Now it is time to get it together for next year.
I gotta tell ya, the speakers so far have been great. The people here are friendly, and the hotel is nice.
I am soooo glad that I came to this place.
My wife too.
It is kinda funny, during Robert Kiyosaki’s presentation, my wife leaned to my ear and said, "I don’t want to go to work, EVER AGAIN!"
YAY!! She gets it now.
Also, there are many people taping the convention audio here, but frankly, that is for personal use only, due to copyright laws etc.
My digital camera died today. So no pics yet. I’ll get batteries tommorrow and snap some photos then, maybe post them for still shots of the people here.
Take care all, and see you NEXT YEAR!!

Thanks J.P. and Terry, this is truly a great experience,
Jim IL


Re: Hello from Dallas. - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on March 06, 1999 at 07:32:33:

Well, we smokers get to hang together on the “smoking deck” and to all of you “non-smokers” (hehe) we are learning a lot out there !! Sure is a great bunch of people here. And yes, Just one idea I learned from Kiosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad author) will save me bunches of cash in taxes. He is truly AMAZING !

Mr Landlord??? Words cannot express what a dynamic man he is. Where does he come up with all of his ideas? Incredible. I will pay for the convention easily this month with just one of his ideas.



Re: Hello from Dallas. - Posted by Terry (Dallas)

Posted by Terry (Dallas) on March 05, 1999 at 23:29:46:

As a newbie I can only say WOW!!! The people here are VERY VERY open with ideas and thoughts. I realize I knew nothing about networking after all of the conversations I have had today.
To everyone who thought or wanted to know if it was just people selling their ideas I can only say I could not write fast enough.
It is amazing the little things that you here and see from all of the questions and presentations. Couple that with the breakfast, lunches and dinners it is an education you could not get anywhere else.
Several things have been made clear to me.

  1. I knew nothing about investing or thinking about retirement. Thanks Robert.
  2. Mr. Landlord gave me more info than I could implement in a year and it wasn’t even his full presentation.
  3. Scott Britton brings things to focus in a very easy straight forward way that clears the fog for newbies. (At least me)
  4. John is fantastic in the area of paper. I must admit that I am too new for this area but there is always next year.


Re: Hello from Dallas. - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on March 08, 1999 at 05:28:01:

Hey Laure,

I was wondering why you and Wayne kept on getting up and leaving the room. LOL.