Help evicting absentee tenants - Posted by Scott Garrity


Posted by Scott Garrity on January 23, 1999 at 11:53:09:

I’m looking for advice in dealing with evicting tenants who are “on the road for business” (according to them) but who are obviously ignoring their rent payment responsibility. The apartment is in Massachusetts and they have not been in the apmnt for at least two months–traveling in Chicago and California. They still have furniture and personal items in the apmnt and claim to want to continue renting it but are overdue on the rent and currently in California.

I know I need to read up on MA law regarding eviction but wanted to know if anyone here has had experience trying to evict tenants that are not in the apmnt but traveling–how do you serve eviction notice? what do you do with their personal items from apmnt?

Thanks in advance for any feedback