Help: Filing liens / other ?'s on M.H.'s in Parks - Posted by Lori

Posted by Lori on February 24, 2001 at 22:42:12:

Hello: We have a few questions regarding the principals of filing liens on mobile homes in mobile home parks and also a few other questions.

  1. What are the MAIN reasons Landlord’s place liens on
    mobile homes?

  2. If a person dies and leaves a mobile home parked on your
    land, what process does a landlord follow? File a lien?
    If so, how is it handled?

  3. Can you explain in entirety how one files a lien?

  4. Are liens filed only when a tenant fails to pay lot-rent?
    Or under what OTHER circumstances does the Landlord file
    a lien against a mobile home?

  5. What does a landlord do if a tenant has a new mobile home
    they are making payments on (NO equity) and they abandon
    the mobile home on the space? What recourse does the
    landlord have?

  6. Feel free to ADD in anything else you feel we need to