Help Jackie flip questions - Posted by Patricia

Posted by Tim Pannabecker on January 25, 1999 at 08:12:26:


I am clearly not Jackie but I will offer my input if you wish. I can tell you that the most sought after person in real estate investing is the “bird dog” or locator. If you ran an add which said that you find property for first time investors (or just investors) your phone should ring off the hook. The largest target market for you will likely be the investor wannbes. The downside to this group is they are scarred and will need handholding, the upside is they do not demand the same “spread” or profit.
A great resource for you may be your local real estate investment club. At ours people can stand and sell their wares or services to the group before the speaker (btw we have well over 100 people) you may wish to check out this resource.

PS if you are in S. CA email me, I could use a good locator

Best of luck to you,


Help Jackie flip questions - Posted by Patricia

Posted by Patricia on January 21, 1999 at 15:28:13:

Hi Jackie, I am looking in the paper for investors like you said. I want to know that if I want to put an add in the paper to generate investors for my contracts, what should my add say? I have had one call and I think the guy thinks that I want to sell him a house. I believe his receptionist gave him the wrong information. When I call on adds should I tell that I am a new investor or how should I word it.
Buy the way thanks for the assignment form too.What should I do?