HELP PLEASE!!! - Posted by Cassie

Posted by phil fernandez on January 24, 2001 at 07:57:04:


You still don’t know how motivated she is from that one phone call. I get similar calls from people seeing my ad and calling me thinking that I’ll pay retail and they make a quick sale before listing with a realtor. My guess is that this caller wants to sell retail so she can buy another house.

In your next conversation with her, find out her NEEDS not her WANTS and see if there is any motivation here.Before you suggest a bunch of fancy lease/option, taking subject to scenarios, you really will have to focus on what she wants to accomplish and will she discount or be flexible with terms for a quick sale.

There are some good articles in the How To and Money Making sections of this site. Go and read them.

HELP PLEASE!!! - Posted by Cassie

Posted by Cassie on January 24, 2001 at 07:36:49:

Hello everyone

I know this is a pretty general question but I need help on a call from one of my bandit signs. I have a caller that called on one of my signs that has a 4 br 1 1/2 bath home she wants to sell before having to list with a realtor. I asked the general question of her (although I was on my cell phone in bad traffic)and couldn’t spend much time with her at the time but i did find out that the mortgage is current and she wants to sell ASAP to purchase something else. She is open to some ideas on selling the house and i was thinking a L/O or something like that. I know I haven’t provided you with the vital information but what i need help on is the conversation i should have with her to lead her to the idea of a L/O,straight Option, getting the deed or even a land contract. I am very aware of all and how they work for the most part, I just need help on the conversation that is scheduled for later today.

Thanks to everyone here.