HELP - Posted by darryl

Posted by Nate on March 08, 2001 at 13:11:18:

Well, without having a copy of the divorce decree, etc, I don’t see how anyone on the board could be any help. Maybe the decree gave him title after 2 years were over. I don’t know, and unless you’ve read the decree, you probably don’t either. I think talking to a lawyer is her only recourse at this point.

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HELP - Posted by darryl

Posted by darryl on March 08, 2001 at 09:27:26:

i know this is not an investors question, but i am hoping that i will get some advice from anyone who reads this. my sister was divorced 5 years ago. the decree allowed her to live in the house for 2 yrs while the children finished school. at that time the house was to be sold. when the kids finished school her ex demanded she get out of the house - she did. the house was vacant for about a year until the ex moved back in. during this time the ex made the house payment. he then got married and had a child. he also refinanced the home without my sisters knowledge, approval or signature. he has just sold the house to a rehabber friend for about 50% of the FMV also without her knowledge, approval or signature until after the sale closed. my sister claimes that there is nothing she can do. my obvious suggestion to her was to get a lawyer. my question to this board - is there anything that she can do? that the lawer may not be familiar with or just doesn’t know.

please help.

thank you.