HELP!!!! - Posted by Jay (Chicago 'burbs) ((long post))

Posted by MN~Chicago on April 14, 1999 at 23:31:22:


Not to be presumptuous, but I do not know
how familiar you are with the myriad of
articles and information available. You
should read every one of them.

Contained within them is enough information
for you to give yourself some direction in
a particular area you believe best suits

One, which does not take too much skill,
is flipping a property. You can make
money quickly without having to commit
any of your own.

If you can find deals, there is a willing
market. I have enough contacts should
you locate a rehab situation that you
want to flip.

Your potential flip cannot be a marginal
situation, ie, buying something at 80%-90%
of FMV.

You have a potential opening here. If
you find something, e-mail me with the

Good luck, however you proceed,


HELP!!! - Posted by Jay (Chicago 'burbs) ((long post))

Posted by Jay (Chicago 'burbs) ((long post)) on April 10, 1999 at 02:08:44:

Where do I begin…(sigh) I really really want to do CS work in Cook Co Il. Having read and understood the course, I decided instead of just going about it wildly, I would do as suggested and begin by rebuilding my credit.

That was a year ago, and well, things just having gone well for me. I don’t believe in long excuses, it’s just a fact that I’m in a worse possition that I was a year go.

More importantly I want to do something about it. And that’s where I could use some help from you folks. I know I’ve spoken to several folks here before about mentoring, and I really, need someone’s help here.

Since I was never able to reestablish the credit that I wanted to, I figure the best thing for me now is to do l/o’s. But I’m not sure on a few things and could really use some advice on this.

Just a bit more about myself. I’m 33, engaged, and deep in debt. Most of my work expericence is in retail (now ya know why I wanna do re investing!). Retail seems to be slow around here now, if not down right dead. I do have some expericence with data entry, but due to a job injury, can no longer do this.

Folks, I don’t know what else to do. I’m sending out between 10-20 resumes’ a week. I’ve tried going to temp agencies, but they don’t pay enough to make my car payment. Let along gas, food, and credit cards bills. I figure I am an able bodied person that is HIGHLY motivated to get things turned around.

If you are in the area and do re investing and need someone to do some leg work, or hunting…I’ll do it! If you like to buy properties cheap, and do some minor fix-up and then flip…mebbe I can give a hand. But most importantly, I need to learn how to get my own properties. Believe me when I say that I am willing to work HARD for anyone willing to help me!!!

thanks in advance,


p.s. Sue? I think that was your name, we spoke back in Feb, about a side job that you do, at the same time I was having problems with my ex-job, and wasn’t home when I was sappose to recieve your call, I don’t have your e-mail either or I would have dropped you a note, PLEASE CALL!!!