Help! Sec 8 just keeps paying me! - Posted by CedricR.

Posted by ACW on January 04, 2010 at 13:18:48:

It doesn’t surprise me…but i would contact the office where your tenant gets his money from and tell them to stop sending you money.

I would also keep all that money and give it back to them in the form of a cashiers check with a receipt from them showing that money has been returned.

Help! Sec 8 just keeps paying me! - Posted by CedricR.

Posted by CedricR. on January 04, 2010 at 12:24:14:

My Sec 8 tenant moved out, I hated to lose her, she was great!

My housing authority makes all payments via direct deposit. The tenant and I filled out and and turned in the Notice To Vacate on 31 October 2009 effectively stopping rent payments on 1 December 2009. I got a direct deposit in December. They already had the notice to vacate so I called the Sec 8 rep and had to leave a voice mail twice asking for the payment to be returned to them and all future payments to cease. She has not returned my calls and now I have ANOTHER direct deposit this month.

What’s my liability here? I NEED the money (who doesn’t) but it’s not mine! Help!?!

Re: Help! Sec 8 just keeps paying me! - Posted by Edwin

Posted by Edwin on January 05, 2010 at 22:47:28:

Eventually Sec. 8 is going to realize they’ve overpaid and will ask for the money back. Since you’ve already attempted to notify them, but to no avail, I’d just keep the money and sit back to see how long it takes for them to wake up. Once they do, and they will, unless they’re incredibly incompetent, just return the money and you’re probably fine. In the meantime, you’ve had an interest-free loan. :slight_smile: Whatever you do, don’t spend it! It’s not yours.