HELP! WA, OR, & ID Properties??? - Posted by Joshua M.

Posted by John Corey on June 19, 2005 at 17:58:38:

Check out NWREII is a large REI group that has
multiple meetings each month in the metro Portland area plus 1 or
more locations closer to you.

The website gives details as to the meetings, the locations and other

If you go to and search for NWREII you will find their
mailing list. You do not have to join NWREII to be an active member of
the mailing list. As you want to look in WA and OR the discussions
there will be topical as to what is going on with state laws, business
practices, local investors, etc.

John Corey
Chelsea Private Equity LLC

HELP! WA, OR, & ID Properties??? - Posted by Joshua M.

Posted by Joshua M. on June 17, 2005 at 05:12:14:

Hello! I need your help!

As an aspiring(read: “newbie”) investor, and motivated businessperson, I am looking for knowledgeable input on creative real estate investments in the greater Washington state region(Washington, upper Oregon & NW Idaho.

I want properties that offer a no-money-down approach; oppurtunity for flipping and short-sales are a big plus.

Anything and everything you can give me regarding the local market and the real estate scene as a whole would be immensely appriciated.

Just recently graduating highschool(Valedictorian), I am in the market for ways to avoid the rat-race all to prevalent in this society…there is somthing better. Creative real estate investment seems to be the one way ticket to that financial stratosphere. I am not looking for a lottery bust, but more of a ceiling free work envoroment that will challenge and reward a young, vibrant and savvy entreprenuer.

ANY input will be thouroughly appriciated. I am essentially new to the real estate scene and your help is invaluable.

Washington…whats here for the taking? Who, When, Where? I’m ready to R.S.V.P. :slight_smile:


Joshua M.