here's the lo-down on bandit signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Posted by Mark R Nj

Posted by Mark R Nj on March 10, 2002 at 11:38:31:

I like to put my signs out in the early morning, wait no, mid-early morning, oh occassionally in the mid late early morning…oh yes and sometimes in the mid early late afternoon or the late mid early morning. But Never at dusk!
That’s when the bandit sign taker downers and bandit sign hanger upper code violation reporters come out!

I must credit my all time favorite comedian Steve Martin for that one!

The point is this…all this analyzing and detailed stuff is just your mind creating situations to keep you in a holding pattern.Examine the reasons for your apprehensions beyond the obvious (fines, ordinances etc)You may just find that you just don’t like to put up signs! It’s no big deal! Just do your thing!