Hey Bill Gatten...please stop annoying me at... - Posted by James - Michigan Investor


Posted by blakjak on April 15, 2011 at 18:48:17:

…to turn off your phone when YOUR day is over!

Lots of us work crazy hours at our PC or laptop, preparing and sending mail at our convenience, but knowing that it might be hours or days before that mail is seen.

Beats me why BG is giving you the time of day! :wink:


Hey Bill Gatten…please stop annoying me at… - Posted by James - Michigan Investor

Posted by James - Michigan Investor on April 14, 2011 at 09:09:02:

1:23 am

You see, in this world of new awesome electronics, cell phones have the ability to notify the owner of new emails
when they are available. I seem to get emails from you in the weirdest of hours, and I ASSume it is because you
live in the Pacific Time Zone, but can you please not send them until the morning, say 6am or even 5? I’m up by then.

Ok thanks.

James - From Michigan (EST)

PS - Also, in most email programs, there is this thing called ‘Spell Checker’ and you might find it valuable too.
Just a thought.