Hey , it's your site , do w/it as you please , but this "clean slate " thing is bogus. - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on May 25, 1999 at 03:02:00:

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but the more I thought about it…All that great information – GONE – it would be an overdramitization to compare it to the Great Library of Alexandria , but I do feel as though I’ve lost something… I used to go back ( even way back to the start of this wonderfull resource ) as often as I could & read everything I could from this board. I printed up a couple posts/exchanges , but I would have loved to have printed more. A one day warning would have been nice…Perhaps my 30 years in NY has made me a hard man , but I think that people speaking their minds is a good thing. I’m down here in FL now & most everyone beats around the bush like it’s going out of style. Just say what you feel , get it off your chest & d*mn the torpedos… I read those threads on land trusts , “to borrow or not to borrow” & even the “my style vs yours” – I thought it was some of the best stuff on this board. Lots of reasoned thinking , opinions & even a couple of ruffled feathers. I saw no mindless name calling , just differences in opinion w/more opinions to back them up. Not to mention all the facts thrown in for good measure. Personality , passion , strong beliefs & even a couple wise cracks - what the heck is wrong w/an open exchange of ideas & opinions? So what if the temperature goes up a couple degrees above room temperature around here on occasion? It’s good to be challenged, awake & alive…All the genuflecting over the emasculation of this news group down below is enough to make a NYer like me lose his linguini. I’d like to point out @ this time that my personal discourse on this board has been quite civilized, even when I was riffing on Russ Whitney’s tape courses. My spelling & punctuation is another story… Let’s not stop speaking our minds and saying it like it is. God bless America , this site & the NY Knicks!