Hey Lonnie, it's March 31, just sold my 1st MH!! - Posted by Blane (MI)

Posted by Blane (MI) on March 31, 2000 at 20:02:58:

Hi Lonnie and everybody!

Nothing like coming in under the wire, eh? When I raised my hand for Lonnie’s question at the convention, I thought selling by 3/31 was gonna be a breeze. Hah! My education had just begun. But that led to today, when the PM approved a buyer who I thought didn’t have a prayer; don’t know how I kept a poker face in her office! (maybe I didn’t) Anyways, it’s official!

Don’t have all the details yet re: yield other than bought it for $3,200, paid some lot rent and advertising and sold it for $9,500, $2,000 down. At this point I’d say “good enough,” yes?

I’d like to thank Lonnie for writing books that even I can understand and profit from, J.P. and Terry for putting on a great convention, and all the wonderful folks I met at the convention who had nothing but words of encouragement for me. And of course thank you to God for His inspiring Word and introducing Robert Kiyosaki, creonline and Lonnie Scruggs into my life in that order during 1999. He and they helped me keep the faith, finally get my butt off the couch and TAKE SOME ACTION! :slight_smile:

As Lonnie says, on to the next one!

Thanks all,