Hey Ryan (NC) - Posted by Mike/nc

Posted by Ryan (NC) on March 12, 2006 at 08:56:05:

Movers tend to be EXTREAMLY negotiable but just as with LD’s you need to know what you can sell for before you consider moving one… The way I approach a mover is to take my total expenses including moving and setup of the trailer, decks, underpinning, permits, plumbing & water, and deduct them from the purchase price. The first unit we moved we got a nice shiner on and ended up having 7800 invested in the home, your expenses will run higher than you think and it will take a bit longer to get through the red tape the first time you move a home. The key to moving a unit IMHO is to have a great setup with the park (or your land) that you are moving the unit to. Typically I tend to pay less than 2k for SW movers and try to avoid units older than 15 years unless the purchase price is basically free so that the resale value warrants the effort.

Just a thought on the decks, they might be nice but will they pass code?

Best wishes,
Ryan Needler

Hey Ryan (NC) - Posted by Mike/nc

Posted by Mike/nc on March 11, 2006 at 17:33:49:

How much could you sell a 1985 3x2 for?. Inside in like new condition but the outside is faded and some dents in the aluminum sideing. The lady wants 4K for it and doesnt have to sell. Just wants to sell. It has to be moved so Im figureing another $2K - 2.5K. It has two nice decks which would take another couple of days labor to move also. I know 6.5K is too much to tie up in an’85 but the inside is so nice I hate to pass on it. Also, could you email me your phone # as I’ve got a couple of ?s for you. Thanks