Holding Title - Posted by Carrington

Posted by Rick Harmon (CA) on April 03, 2006 at 13:46:44:

Holding title as: “ABC, a Limited Partnership, as Trustee of [Giveyourtrustaname] Trust, under trust dated XX/XX/XX”

By vesting in this manner you can keep your investors’ identities private by merely listing their beneficial interests in a private document held in the trustee’s office, rather than it becoming a public document.

Your corporate attorney should advise you as to any specific addendums that your investor beneficiaries should sisn regarding title holding practices, directive(s) to trustee regarding asset acquisition, management, encumbering, resale and trustee fees, etc.

Holding Title - Posted by Carrington

Posted by Carrington on April 03, 2006 at 08:39:21:

Is there any way for an LP to hold title care of a specific investor? Example: Investor invests $500K into the partnership and owns a specific property worth $500K. Title is held in the partnership as the GP manages the development and construction on the property for 20% of profits.

Could you use a land trust or other trust document to have beneficial interest to the investor as beneficiary and trustee powers go to the GP?

Please advise. This LP operates much like a standard hedge fund except that it does not trade equities, only real estate development and management.