Home Inspection, who should handle this repair? - Posted by Wayne - VA

Posted by Wayne - VA on October 22, 2003 at 24:14:42:

My partner and I submitted an offer on a single family house that was accepted. The home inspector found only one potentially major problem. In his words: “The main beam under the stairway in the crawl area shows damage from wood destroying insects. Should be evaluated for repair.”

My partner and I are discussing our options. We know the beam needs to be replaced but the only access to it is through the crawl area. We know it may be expensive to fix. Should we have the seller fix it or should we negotiate a lower price for the house and get it fixed ourselves. Supposedly we were one of many people who were interested in the property and there were a few offers on the house and we don’t want to jeapordize the deal by playing it too tough. But we don’t want to mimimize our profits by doing the wrong thing either.

Any thoughts on what we should do?