Home Inspector or Contractor first? - Posted by NB (ID)

Posted by Jim Holmes on March 04, 2000 at 01:36:00:

Nb, Bill,

Tomorrow I’m walking through an apartment building with a contractor. Unless I’m required to use an inspector by the lender, I’m using a trustworthy contractor.


Home Inspector or Contractor first? - Posted by NB (ID)

Posted by NB (ID) on March 02, 2000 at 21:24:27:

I’m looking at an apartment building that needs help. Do I call in the Home Inspector first that will cost me about $200-$250 or do I bring in the contractor?

So far one contractor said $50 for a walk through and one said $25. I’ve got 4 others to talk to and then I’m thinking of inviting two to see how big a difference there is in the final tally. (That’s after I check out their references of course.)

Thanx–angels on your body:)

Re: Home Inspector or Contractor first? - Posted by t jent

Posted by t jent on March 04, 2000 at 04:04:22:

Personally, I’ve kind of soured on the home inspector industry. As far as I know, anyone can hang out a “Home Inspector” shingle. There is no licensing or certification requirement, and no industry regulation. A lot of these guys just walk around with a clipboard eyeballing the building like you or I could. They will tell you the obvious, e.g. there’s a hole in the wall or the sink is dripping. When it comes to the items that count, like roof, electrical or serious plumbing concerns, they often reveal very little, while giving the buyer a false sense of security. And you’ll notice once you receive their handsomely bound and illustrated inspection reports that page one typically begins with a disclaimer that the inspector does not warranty inspection of roof, plumbing, etc, that is, anything that really matters. So what’s the point?

Some are reliable. Ask around. If you do use an inspector, tell him you want a “narrative report.” It’s more detailed (and maybe a little more expensive).

Otherwise, if you know a contractor you trust and have used for real work, pay him to do it. He’ll likely be cheaper and better.

You are not required to have an inspection, unless it’s FHA since I believe they require it, in which case the FHA inspector will do it.

Incidently, in my experience, 70% of all significant building problems are plumbing problems. Make sure any inspector takes a good look at the plumbing.

Re: Home Inspector or Contractor first? - Posted by Bill K. - FL

Posted by Bill K. - FL on March 03, 2000 at 07:58:04:

Hi NB,
When you say the place needs help, I am assuming you have eyeballed it and see some problems. to be honest, I am not thrilled about home inspection companies in general. There may be a few good ones out there but I don’t think they are worth the cost. Do you realize if they miss something major they are usually not liable? Read their contracts. If you see the roof leaks, get a roofer over there. If you suspect major electrical or plumbling get an electrician or plumber over there. But realize this, They get paid to do a job whether it is necessary or not. It’s kind of like dealing with a car mechanic. Buyer beware. Get several opinions and quotes. Make sure they pull permits, and are licensed and insured. I have seen deals fall thru because of an overzealous home inspector or contractor nitpicking a place apart and coming up with huge repair costs thereby scaring away a potential buyer from what could have been a decent deal. Heck, an investor friend of mine said he saw an inspector actually breaking a fan so he could have something to put on his report. (They feel they have to come up with something to justify your spending $250.)