Home not as represented - Posted by Christine Dove

Posted by River City on October 27, 2003 at 08:02:14:

If you purchased the home “as is,” what you see is what you get. You would have done better to have had someone inspect the home prior to the purchase. I would also have insisted that the seller have the home fully “vacant” prior to takeover.

Hard lesson.

Home not as represented - Posted by Christine Dove

Posted by Christine Dove on October 24, 2003 at 14:37:15:

I purchased a home 1 year ago, it is owner financed because since my divorce I have had a difficult time retaining any type of loan.

I was aware the home had problems when purchased but thought these repairs would be a few years down the road and I would have time to save. I was told by the person I bought the home from everything was in working order. They left the home a wreck, I had to have someone haul off all the old things, took them several weeks with a few Pick Up trucks per day.

Since I have moved in things have just fallen apart, I still owe $47,000 and tried to have the home appraised for to get re mortgaged for home improvement loan, home would not appraise fo $40,000 because of the amount of repairs needed.

Do I have a legal recourse with the people I bought this property from? I did not purchase what I was told, I purchased a money pit.