Honest Advice Needed - Posted by Landon


Posted by Tom Brown on January 19, 1999 at 08:50:55:

Although you could use creative real estate techniques anywhere, the odds of you making very many deals in your area are slim. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn all you can and approach property owners in your area. You could get some deals and you would have the experience of talking to owners and working with the techniques that Carleton and others teach. That will put you farther ahead than if you waited until you moved to a bigger market to get started. I do think that your best bet would be to go to Hutchinson and use that town as your major market.

I used to live in OK and I know how isolated some of the smaller towns are in that area of the country.


Honest Advice Needed - Posted by Landon

Posted by Landon on January 17, 1999 at 19:49:39:

I need some honest input. Not the “you can do this nywhere if you just try” stuff. I’ve been feeding myself that same load. I live in the middle of Sterling,KS (get a Rand McNally, open in to KS, put your finger in the crack, run it down to the second staple - there’s Sterling.) The nearest town is Hutchinson, a city of 17,00 - 20,000. Is it worth trying to pull Carleton stuff here, or should I wait till I move up to the Kansas City area?