Posted by Mr. Jason Channing In Nashville, Tennessee on June 07, 1999 at 02:30:56:


No to question number one, YES to question number two UNLESS your used program was purchased new this year or last. Those editions were revised to reflect the effects on real estate investors of the 1997 tax law changes.

I am a former investigative reporter who recently ordered the course for my son and his fiance’ after pretty thorough research, during which I found out some very interesting things.

Three different people at my present job have previous issues of the course gathering dust on closet shelves. I am glad now I continued my research instead of just giving one of them $30 or $50 and stopping my inquiry.

I haven’t the time to explain what I learned completely at this time, but I plan to put it all in a post for everyone’s information, soon.

But----ANY edition of his course will work for you if YOU will work the program. You just missed a great deal of new and current information in the revised and expanded edition. Fortunately for all of us, this website exists and has the participation of many very informed and experienced investors who graciously share their knowledge and experience with us. So, most of the gaps will get filled in here.

The hotline— I have a 2-way recording phone machine and live in a “one party concent” state, so it is legal for me to record phone conversations without announcing that I am doing so. Tennessee calls that “electronic note taking”.

So, I am set up record phone calls anytime I wish to.

I have called the hotline several times then flipped the machine on, playing them back later.

The messages are about 3 to 5 minutes long and pretty basic. His whole intent is to be “basic training” for “newbies”, so that’s what I would expect.

Considering the richness of the information and available “mentors” on this marvelous site, you won’t miss much if you save your nickels.

They change the message each Sunday evening, or Monday morning, so you could check it out at weekend rates for less than 50 cents.

I admire your willingness to get off the starting line and DO SOMETHING!

More is lost by indecision than wrong decision! We can only correct our course if we have one.

The Sheets organization has a number of other very helpful and inexpensive videos and audios, as well as more advanced seminars on cassette or video.

I have a number of them here, and they are really good and current material. And, he is a really polished instructor, making all the steps very easy to understand and follow.

I am sure Brian, my 36 year old son, and Lisa, his lady, will enjoy these programs.

Father’s day is coming up, and they want their own home this summer, so I am filling their apartment with more study material than they will need to buy a house, their way, in the next few months.

Perhaps they will get the bug, like you have, and keep right on buying houses, for a brighter future for themselves and Danny.

The Sheets people will send you a small catalog of all their learning programs, no charge. Considering how expensive most of the programs from the other established, national level “gurus” are, I was amazed at how resonable their prices are. I have ordered 8 of the videos, and tomorrow I intend to order more.

You can call 1-800-957-9411, get a catalog sent to you and decide for yourself.

Whatever you do, I suggest you stay in touch with this site, set aside ten percent of whatever you make for more and more education (please spend all you can here so J.P. can afford to keep this site up for all of us.), join an investment club if one is near, otherwise, start one, (that’s easier than you think, and the national organizations will help you create a chapter in your area.), go to seminars and workshops, study, learn, ask questions, don’t hesitate to ask for help, and I predict that in 36 to 60 months, you will be a self-made millionairess!

It CAN be done. YOU can do it!

Reach for The Stars!!!

Mr. Jason Channing


Posted by Jackie Albonetti on June 06, 1999 at 20:05:20:

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful responses to my request about the Carleton Sheets Course. Has anyone used the HOTLINE number? It comes with the course if you buy it new. I just need to know if anyone has called it and gotten any good information from it. I have a chance to get the course secondhand from someone and want to determine if I will be missing anything by not getting access to the HOTLINE by not buying it new. Thanks for your help.