House Insurance during a REHAB - NEED SOME - Posted by Detroit Erin

Posted by Michigan Andy on April 15, 2002 at 22:01:04:


Try Farm Bureau insurance, or a local independent agent. Michigan Basic and Foremost are the only ones who will insure an unoccupied, I believe, and I went through the same thing with Michigan Basic. I talked to my guy at Farm Bureau, and he carries Foremost. I believe they are cheaper, and their term is longer (MI basic only did 90 days).

Good luck.


House Insurance during a REHAB - NEED SOME - Posted by Detroit Erin

Posted by Detroit Erin on April 15, 2002 at 21:09:30:

Thanks to all who have replied to previous posts as it has been very helpful.

Here is the situation. I live in Michigan and have used a company called Michigan Basic Property Insurance (at least for awhile) as covered insurance for rental dwellings and vacant property while I fix it up (of course taking longer than expected, but I figured on re-uping the insurance). They cancelled me once saying that I was not doing any work on it, but they did not ask me to see what was going on inside, only on a drive by evaluation (my assumption). They reinstated when I showed them some receipts for interior work (like $7500 for new heating system). Now, I receive 2 notices, one saying I am good through June 1, 2002 and the other saying it is cancelled and non-renuable as of March 1st, 2002 (get this, the post mark on the cancelation was April 2nd). I need to get this covered and my personal insurance agent does rentals, but not vacant during rehab.

Anyone know of agents willing to work with vacant during rehab in Michigan? Please help as I want to cover my investment. Thanks.